OEM Welcome

We are actively working on Disney products, and highly appreciate for any opportunities to work close with your OEM or customer's designs and ideas.

Product Development

Each year, our experienced designers and skillful sample makers develop a wide variety of new and idea products to satisfy the market. We are capable of serving our customers from the initial concept, hand draft , computer graphic , collection development, sampling and testing, to the final approval of products which will be in accordance with the our customers' specifications and requirements.

Also, with our valuable experience, our designers are confident to any challenges in developing your designs and ideas into customized products for your market.

30 Years Factory Experience

Since 1987, we have strongly developed various manufacturing bases in Mainland China. Handicrafts Items, Plush Toys, and Christmas Figures are our 3 signature product lines.

Handicraft Factory for Seasonal Decoration

Our associated handicraft factories manufacture different type of seasonal products and promotional items, such as Christmas Decoration and Packaging Bags and Baskets.

These associated factories have been working close with us for more than 20 years. In addition, as per our customer's requirement, most ofthem have passed the BSCI audit as well.

Plush Toy Factory

Our associated toys factory manufactures different type of plush / stuffed toys, infant toys, and children bags, with reliable and children safe quality.

We emphasize the importance of Safety, and our products are complied strictly with International Toys Safety Standards. Moreover, our Toys factory are certified byICTI, Sedex, Disney FAMA, NBC Universal, M&S, Code of Conducts Regulations as well.

Christmas Figure Factory

Our associated Christmas Figure factory manufactures different type of Christmas Santa / Angel Figures, and we feature various sizes of Santa Claus, ranging from 5 cm to 2.5 m at competitive prices. In order to follow close to the worldwide marketing trend, our designing team is leaded by an overseas designer, we are confident that you will be interested in our Christmas Figure Designs.

Test & Safety Acknowledge

We realize the importance of Product Testing and Safety issues, thus we have established our Engineering & Quality Assurance Teams, with our in-house Laboratory to ensure our products from mass production will meet our customer?s safety requirements. Meanwhile, we are working closely with various International Laboratories, such as ITS, SGS, UL, BV, MTS etc.

Production & Quality Control

Our manufacturing bases are located in GuangDong & HuNan Provinces, they are certified by ICTI, Sedex, BSCI, various international regulations. With our experienced management team and workers, we can make sure our scheduling, and quality control will meet your quality requirements in timeliness delivery manner.